Air conditioning

Driving down the highway, windows rolled down, and you’re soaking wet. The problem is that it’s not even raining; you’re drenched in sweat because your air conditioner doesn’t work. In the middle of summer, your A/C can feel like the most vital part of your car. Not only that, but when your vehicle’s air conditioner runs efficiently, it can also increase your gas mileage! Sometimes your unit may simply need to be recharged, but other times it needs more. Main Street Automotive provides thorough A/C checkups and repair, and we perform the maintenance necessary to keep the cool air flowing.

Alignment – Classic Cars

Finding a mechanic with the right tools and equipment to align your classic and vintage automobile can be difficult. The national chains simply do not have the proper tools and in many cases the knowledge to perform alignments. Since we specialize in classic cars, our team of technicians are here to make sure your classic tracks straight.


Driving with worn brakes puts you and other drivers at risk, and it puts additional wear and tear on your tires. Routinely checking your brakes is important in automotive safety. Especially since brake pads are designed to wear out, we at Main Street Automotive recommend that a complete check be done every 12-15 months. We offer full inspections and replacements, because worn pads could just be the beginning of the problem.


There aren’t many things that are more frustrating than being in a rush to get somewhere and your car not starting. While corrosion and other debris can keep your battery from being in tip-top shape, there are other reasons that it may not be able to hold a charge. We can check it to see what’s getting in the way of letting you go where you need to go.

Dealer Maintenance

3,000-mile oil change. 12,000-mile wheel alignment. Timing belt replacement at 60,000 miles. Preventative maintenance is crucial to extending the life of your vehicle. The only thing is, you don’t actually need to go to a dealer to do them. You just need to make sure they’re done. At a dealership, you can get lost between the people who are buying cars, the people who are getting warranty work done, and the ones who are there to do their maintenance. Not only that, but you pay astronomical prices. We provide the same work that a dealer does, but we are less expensive, and you won’t get lost in the shuffle.


When you turn on your lights, do your windows roll down? Do your turn signals even work properly? How about those dim headlights? Tracking down electrical bugs can be a daunting task, especially on older cars where the problem could be traced to improper grounds or a tangle of wires. We have the skills, expertise, and patience to troubleshoot so we can track down these gremlins.

Engine Performance Upgrades

We know all of the tips and tricks to get your car running with a little more oomph. For instance, upgrading to a larger throttle body increases your horsepower and torque by allowing optimal airflow to the engine. Upgrading your intake manifolds is an easy way to increase your horsepower nearly 10 percent. We tailor your requests to the make and model of your vehicle, which gives you the personalized experience that you – and your vehicle – deserve.


So you get your oil changed. You align your wheels. Change all of the fluids. But your car is still riding rough. It’s probably your suspension, which is part of the chassis, the most important component of your car. The suspension itself is made of three parts: springs, dampers, and anti-sway bars. All of these parts need to work together properly, which is why we recommend that it be checked yearly. Main Street Automotive specializes in complete auto suspension repairs: Front or back, MacPherson strut or double-wishbone suspension, it doesn’t matter. We will smooth it out.

Your car is a huge investment, whether it’s your brand-new daily or a fixer-upper. Main Street Automotive is a family, not a corporation, and we will treat you as such. Vintage cars and vehicles of today can be serviced at our facility for a fraction of the price compared to dealerships. We depend on our cars for everything these days, and Main Street Automotive has the computers and knowledge to help you keep your wheels on the road.