Florida Vintage Air Installation Services

High-Quality Specialty Auto Cooling: Vintage Air Installation Services

We work on all types of cars and vehicles. While we specialize on classic car repair services, we are also experts on installing and upgrading classic auto air-conditioning systems. We offer custom and standard Vintage Air installation systems and regularly have customers coming from Tampa and Orlando to have us do theirs.

Air conditioning, especially in Florida, is a necessity. It is the difference between wanting to drive your car in the summer and leaving it in the garage covered up. We all can live with the lack of power options on our classics, but the lack of A/C in a classic car can be a miserable situation. Fortunately, there are a bunch of options available for upgrading your classic auto air-conditioning with a Vintage Air installation.

Whether you want to upgrade an old, tired R-12 air conditioning to a modern, efficient R-134 system from Vintage Air, or if your classic car or hot rod never had any at all, we offer affordable options. Many of our customers’ cars never had factory air conditioning originally, and we have fabricated custom systems for them.

If you want to keep your classic period-correct and it has factory A/C that is missing a few components or needs some repair, we can typically find the parts and get you back on the road in comfort. Main Street Automotive also does maintenance and repair on modern A/C systems. We can help you enjoy your vehicle with the utmost comfort.

Contact us to repair or install Vintage air conditioning products for all 1970’s and older Ford, GM, and Chrysler cars or trucks. We work with any automotive air-conditioning systems, but Vintage Air is the best in classic auto air conditioning. They are built to last and enhance the value of your vehicle.

NOTE: We do not sell Vintage Air components or systems. We specialize in installing the system that you purchase in your vehicle. You can purchase a system online at various retailers or amazon.

We offer a wide variety of Vintage air-conditioning and heating systems, installation, parts, and services, such as:

  • Model-Specific Climate Control Systems
  • Automatic Temperature Control
  • Universal Climate Control Systems
  • Factory Air Hose Duplication
  • Factory Air Conversion Kits
  • New and Rebuilt Factory Air Parts